Return And Refund Policy Of CJ

In this blog, we will learn about the return and refund policy of CJ products. Add products from CJ, if customers return or refund products then how to handle it?

Why Customer Return Or Refunds?

The first thing is to remember why customers return or refund Their orders. Its because of two mistakes that cause a return or refund.

The first mistake made by the store owner’s the wrong description of details about the size and colors of the product when you place the wrong product or the product is broken during delivery. The second mistake by the customer is when he selects the wrong size or color customer needs a medium size but they order a large size and they realize after delivery that it’s the wrong product, the wrong size and it causes a return or refund.

Must Read Refund And Return Policy

Because you are doing drop shipping you don’t have your product so you should know what is the return policy of supplier whose product you are selling. Some suppliers don’t have a return policy so it’s necessary when you add a product to contact the supplier to confirm their policy if they have a policy then what are the conditions of return and return policy? All suppliers have different policies, some have 7 days return policy and some have 30 days. Make source Make sure to reduce 5 days or 3 days and you have to mention all policies on your store and return policy if you have multiple suppliers then read all supplier’s policies carefully and generate your policy by following all necessary points provided in the supplier’s refund policy.

How To Contact The Supplier?

Open the CJ product, on the right side of the page you will see the supplier name, and below the name and ratings you will see the button Contact supplier, click on the button the message will go automatically to the community and the supplier will contact you, you can discuss with suppliers about all returns and refund policy.

How To Return Of Shipping Orders To CJ?

For some reason you might need to deal with the return request from your customers, in this case, you would need to learn CJ’s refund, resend and return policy before dealing with the return request please note that products can only be returned to China warehouse and you have to open a dispute for the order besides highly recommended to connect to contact your agent first before sending the products to the US and preventing any necessity.

Here are the general steps of returning products.

1. Go to <my CJ> <order><disputes> <return>

2.<Setting> Fill in a stored link and upload the image 3. Send the return to your customer order.

4. Order number and email required, Go to <dispute> in order and click the return button on the top right corner.

Refund, Resend, And Return Policy

This refund policy is to be used as a residence by drop shippers who work with CJ for shipping please review the following process carefully all disputes shall be opened on CJ otherwise CJ will block your account permanently. CJ offers a quicker disputes solution and will appreciate it a lot if you provide photos or videos of the damaged item to prove damage If the image cannot show the product is damaged please upload the video screenshot of the email or dispute received including name date and content in other words a customer has to send complain through a paper dispute or another gateway email etc. The products need to be returned to CJ if the dispute team to asks for a return in the dispute except for the important inter precautions.

 CJ will make a refund resend or accept the return.