What Dropshipping Is?

The first question is what is Dropshipping? Well, Drop shipping is an order fulfillment method where drop shippers connect with customers through ads and sell products. Drop shippers don’t need stock or a warehouse to keep stocks. Drop shippers add products to Their stores through the third-party app where suppliers stock Their products on the app. Drop shippers add products with Their profit price and get orders through ads. Drop shippers don’t need to bother about inventory and packaging or shipping to customers’ doorsteps because it’s all managed by the suppliers themselves.

How Does Dropshipping Works?

First, find the supplier or the third-party app, find your product, and list it on your website with your price. When a customer places an order. For e.g; a customer buys with your 80$ price and you will move to the supplier to get in 50$. It means you will earn 30$ profit and then the supplier will ship the order to a customer on their doorstep. Now the question is how do suppliers reach out to customers. Well customer place orders on your store with their information, what you need to do, you will collect all customer information and send it to the supplier or if you are using a third-party app then fulfill the order on the app with customers’ information that Supplier will ship the orders to the customers drop shipping is not just about the products, it’s about the selection of right product on the right time, marketing strategies and adversary analysis.

Big Challenges In Dropshipping

When you start Dropshipping then you have to face lots of challenges and the two big challenges which you have to consider is

  • Good Quality Product
  • Products should be considered first then your competitor.

Why People Choose Droppshipping?

Why people choose dropshipping. It’s because

  • Drop shipping is the easiest way to start a business.
  • No business entity requires business a business Tory management
  • No warehouse management
  • No packing products by self
  • No shipping required to customers doorsteps
  • Easily access to millions of products
  • You set the retail price with your desired profit
  • It’s very easy to scale

Some Challenges In Dropshipping

Definitely with ease there is also some more challenges in dropshipping.

 As it’s easy to start but at the same time there is also a higher potential competition. There is a big community of resellers who are selling the same product with the best quality and low-price to rank on the top.You have to keep eye on competitor  analysis, Supplier error ,most of the time supplier shipped wrong product or damage product which cause the turns or refund a, and that affect stores or your business and it’s not good for your buisness.

The third challenge which you need to consider long shipping time. Some Suppliers ship from China it takes a long time to ship. Customers never consider long time shipping and it cause cancellation of the order.

How To Start Dropshipping?

Here are the simple steps to start Dropshipping.

  • Start a free 14 days trial on Shopify.
  • Install ALiExpress or Cjdropshipping to source the products.
  • Import products to your store.
  • Enable payment gateway.
  • Send traffic to your store.
  • Good quality content on your store with good customization.

Important Things To Keep In Mind

The most important thing you have to keep in mind when you are doing drop shipping.

  • There are learning curves. This means you make lots of mistakes and learn from them and you will come to know about Do’s and Don’ts.
  • Drop shipping is not free. You have to spend on products that you will buy first from a third-party app. You have to spend on Marketing and tools.
  • There is no overnight success. It takes lots of time, money, hard work, and lots of patience.
  • Don’t source copyright items. It will never let you rank on top even if it’s a legal challenge too. Source your product wisely and with the best supplier. Start with low-budget products or a single product and grow gradually.