What is the difference between CJ drop shipping and Dsers?

Today we are going to tell you the difference between CJ drop shipping and Dsers.Mostly asked question is, what is the best drop shipping application for Shopify. So all third party applications for drop shipping are mostly same. For example Zendrop,Superdropshipping,Dsers and Cjdropshippung etc.


What we do from these apps we add products, and fulfill orders when we get orders and what they do is they contact supplier and inform about the order and supplier deliver orders to the customer.


You can do this directly,Add products from ALiExpress, add pictures and description. When you get order ,buy from ALiExpress, add customers address and send them. But these apps are more capable to handle by itself.


 CJDROPSHIPPING works individually. Supplier directly upload Their products on cj. If You wants to work as supplier or manufacturer then you can follow supplier program mentioned in footer of Cjdropshipping app.What to do is simply sign up in supplier’s program and add your products if CJ approve your products then you can work as a supplier.

All products on CJ are posted by suppliers.


DSERS is also a Drop shipping app for Shopify  which is a third party app.All products on DSERS are posted through ALiExpress. In simple words CJ works directly through suppliers and DSERS works through ALiExpress.When you sign up in DSERS account they ask for ALiExpress account  to connect with DSERS. When you search any product, it will show you ALiExpress products.


Mostly people don’t prefer ALiExpress because Their delivery time is very late .When you place order for USA it will take 20 days to deliver and customers can’t wait and they return products or refund. And CJ deliver orders in 7 to 12 days that’s why mostly people prefer CJ drop shipping app. Infact that CJ products prices and shipping charges are little bit high than ALiExpress but because of delivery time we prefer CJ drop shipping app.


Most common question is asked that is drop shipping free?? The answer is NO.Dropshipping is not free, when you get orders you have to buy products first from CJ from your account and after delivery Shopify sent you exact payment which you spend n you account.

You must have investment either you getting one order or 50 orders. If you have one order then you must have investment of one order ,if you have 50 orders you must have investment of 50 orders. You have to pay for store designing, advertisement and paid app and themes.

So don’t think that you can start drop shipping with zero investment.

Minimum budget required for drop shipping is 1000$ to 1500$ then you can start a Drop shipping Buisness.


If you want to start free drops hipping then you can make store  on CJ. They provide WEB2C store,you just have to invest in advertisement and CJ app handle all things by itself.


We highly recommend CJ drops hipping app because it works directly through suppliers and works better than others. DSERS, superdropshipping and zendrop all works through ALiExpress.