How To Import Products From the CJ drop shipping to shopify?

In this blog, we are going to teach you the whole process step by step that how to import products from CJ’s d drop shipping to Shopify simply and most easily. First log in to the Shopify store and follow the steps.

 Installation Of CJ Drop shipping App

• Click on apps on the left side of the Shopify dashboard.

• Click on the sales channel setting. • Click on the Shopify app store and search for the drop shipping app.

• Select the CJ drop shipping app as you can see in the image click on add app and install.

 How To Use CJ Drop shipping App?

Sign up with your store Gmail. Referral code is not necessary you can see the interface of CJ shown in the image below. Search your desired product which you are looking for. Now you can see lots of similar products which you are searching for. Now the easiest way to select the selling product you can see the listing below the product image the listing in numbers is high, which means already more people are selling this product and this product can give you more sales.

How To List Products?

• Place your cursor on the product and you will see three buttons list, connect, and add to Queue.

• Click on add to Queue to list products.

• You can list product collection-wise.

• Select all products of the same collection and add to Queue.

• Click on the Queue option at the top of the header.

In the Queue list all products are showing on the listing page.

How To Update Pricing List?

After successful listing, now you will import products to your store after updating the price and shipping method. Here are the following steps to import products.

• On the listing page click on select all the buttons at the bottom of the page now click on the button  bulk editing .

• You can see, now the price on the interface here you can add the price at which you will sell your products.

• There are two options + and ו

•  Add 5 to CJ’s price to get your profit.

•  We recommend multiplying CJ’s price by 5 to get your profit.

• Click on confirm to save all changes, make sure all changes are saved if changes are not updated then update again.

• Click on select all and then select Manual listing.

• Select store and add store name.

 • Select your product type.

• Select a collection of your product.

• You can add type and collection if not available in the selection list.

•  Enable tax if you want to apply.

•  Select shipment method. Make sure to the selection the cheapest and fastest method.

•  Click on confirm and save.

• Now you can see all products added to the store successfully.

This is the simplest and easiest way to import products from the CJ drop shipping app to Shopify.