How To Build A Droppshipping Shopify Store Using Your Mobile?

As we all know that almost websites or stores designed on laptop or PC.But as we all know that people mostly use Their phones to find something or search any products so we need to keep in mind that when we are designing any website or store ,we must design stores mobile friendly. We need to customize on mobile side too. In this blog we are going to teach you full Shopify store customization on mobile phone. We are going to discuss 7 easy steps to customize mobile side Shopify store.Here are the 7 steps

1.Research Your Market

2.Find Your Product

3.Select The Supplier

4.Build the Store

5.Add Products

6.Customize Landing Page

7.Marketing Of Your Product

Research Your Market

Now the question raised in our mind that how you will research your market. Answer is very simple, open chrome browser or any browser which is in your phone. Search google trends and click on google trends ,here you can research your market that which product is most trending in which country with analytics. Simply select country name, category which you want to sell or simply select all categories it will help you to know exactly which category is most trending.

Find Your Product

After research your market you need to search product. Keep in mind when you search for products that your product must solve the problem which people are facing .Do some research that exactly what your customers are facing problem ,what they need to overcome Their problem or resolve Their problem. For this simply open Facebook and search in groups any problem like search migraine and join all migraine related groups then you will come to know that what exactly people have problems with headache and what type of relief they want .Once you understand Their problem, you can easily find the product which is problem solving. If a product can solve huge problem then definitely people will come to buy because they have no other choice for not to buy the product. It seems difficult to search a product but with this simple research you can earn more and grow your drop shipping buisness.Simple formula of product searching is SEARCH PROBLEM AND SELL SOLUTION. For this simply search problem on AliExpress,Alibaba or Amazon ,when you search you will see huge variety of products to solve the problem which you are searching and select unique and wow factor product.

Select The Supplier

Simply when you select the product then the other important thing that which Supplier is the best for this product because there is hundreds of suppliers selling the same product. To  select best manufacturer or supplier check the reviews and stars of that product. If Their rating are 4 or 4.5 out of 5 and they have best reviews of buyers then select that supplier and make sure Their shipping time should be short and shipping charges must be low. If you have a good supplier then you have a good drop shipping  store.

Build Your Store

Now after deciding product and supplier now the important step is building a store. Simply open Shopify in browser and select 14 days free trial and sign up with your Gmail and create password. Now add domain name which you need buy from any source. Now select any theme if you are new then I suggest first select free themes to customize the store, when you become use to of it or after sells ,you can buy paid themes.

Add Your Products

Now it’s time to add products to your store. Select products on the left side list .Select add products. Write a title of your product, title must be trending keyword of the product because it will help you to rank on google. Add details and features of the products with the help of high quality hd pictures . Remember pictures are the most important part of store because it will grab Customers attention. Add images of the products. Select Price with your profit ,you can add compare price .Add variants like color, size and the material of your products.

Customize Your Store

Now After adding products customize your landing page for this create some collections, create pages and navigation bar.Now click on customization and open landing page you can follow the steps which are already added to your landing page according to your theme ,just add banners , collection and products to make it more professional and more eye catchy. For the banners and collection images ,you need to create on Canvas app ,make eye catchy banners and collection images related to your products.

Market Your Product

Most important part of drop shipping is marketing. When you have selected product, you’re store is ready then you have sell them .For selling you must have strong marketing strategies.Youbhave to add social media accounts to your store like Facebook, Instagram,google,TikTok and YouTube. Now to generate high sells you have to run ads on social media for more traffic to your store. Traffic is necessary and only people who are interested in your products reach out your store and buy products.