What Is WordPress?

Have you heard about WordPress that’s why you are here on our page because you want to start a new website then read this full page.

Now the first question raised in our mind that What is WordPress?

WordPress is a software which you use to built your blogs or website then it goes online.Its also called Content Management System (CMS).It was created since 2003 and it becomes the most powerful website publishing program in the world. IN fact WordPress powers 30% of the entire internet.The best part of this is that it’s a free to use because WordPress is an open source software.Thousands of Software engineers are working on it daily to make it better and better.

Beauty Of WordPress

Beauty of WordPress website is that it has thousands of themes to use.You are able to choose into eleven thousands themes and different layouts to enhance the looks of your websites.You have text options like different fonts. You can add buttons. You can upload images and videos and much more. You can also add fifty five plugins and widgets to help to optimize the functionality of your website.This is for the people who wants to start stores or open up a gallery. Building a website on WordPress is all online.

How Does It Works?

Now the question is how it works? AS we know that websites built on CSS and HTML formats but in WordPress you just changes colour or text or anything and it will update automatically,means there is no need to touch coding in WordPress. As we see

WordPress.com and WordPress.org


You might be wondering that which one to choose. WordPress.com is free to build with Their own hosting but there is some disadvantage that

  • Your website could be deleted anytime for violations or other community guidelines.
  • You can’t monetize your website to make money with ads.
  • You can’t upload plugins to optimize the functionality of your website.
  • You can’t upload customizable theme (limited options)
  • You can’t own your own domain name e.g GhulamMujtaba.wordpress.com

Instead of GhulamMujtaba.com


If you want to make your first website with your own unique domain name and no limitations  then you must have to use WordPress.org which is self hosted. Here are some advantages of WordPress.org.

  • You can have access to thousands of plugins
  • You can have unique domain name which you own.
  • You can monetize your website to earn money with ads.
  • You have an option to create online store.

You have complete customization with your website.