What Is WordPress &CMS(Content Management System)

What Is WordPress &CMS(Content Management System)

Welcome to our website, as you are here to learn about WordPress and CMS.Now you are here to learn about CMS.

What Is CMS?

  • CMS is a software application that is used to manage the creation and modification of the digital content.
  • CMS is used to enterprise content management and web content management.

Parts Of CMS

  • WordPress
  • Jhoomla
  • Magento

Now here is the question why we use to say that WordPress is number one CMS then others and why do we use WordPress instead of others?

WordPress, Jhoomla & Magento

In WordPress you can create blogging websites, e-commerce website, landing pages, ads related website , educational website, portfolio websites even you can create  any type of websites on WordPress gives you options to create any type of websites.

Similarly Jhoomla and Magenta are also CMS, also a out source and free to use ,you can download it , implement it and can create websites.But Jhoomla and Magento are tough to use when you will create these CMS you will see the difference, when you create a website on it then it will show you coding system. And on WordPress you can create whole website without coding.On Jhoomla and Magento you create e-commerce website and you must have coding knowledge.

What Is WordPress?

WordPress is a free and open source CMS written in PHP,HTML,CSS, JAVASCRIPT and paired with a MySQL or Maria DB database.Features include a plugin architecture and template system,refered to within WordPress as themes. In WordPress when you add any product details or content, it store in database when you remove or delete database your all data will be removed because your data always stored in database not on landing page.

Hope Your concept about CMS and parts of CMS is totally cleared now.

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